Mother’s Day: Your stories


Mothers Day

We wish all of you celebrating it today, a Happy Mother’s Day! May those mothers enjoy a day filled with fun, surrounded by family.

We asked you to share with us via our blog, Facebook page or Twitter, what makes your Mom special. We received some very moving responses from all over the world and selected our favorite ones for publication:


Perseverance is what makes my mom special, and the phrase “crying doesn’t solve anything” has taught me to always look for a solution, rather than complain about it.


My mother, Carolyn Steindel Smith, will be 92 in June. At the age of 7 my brother Paul was diagnosed with polio and the Doctors said he would die. He will be 70 tomorrow. My mother lost her other son at the age of 21 and my father at 69. My mom has been a worker, companion, caregiver, mother, wife and grandmother. She is unselfish and has always been an incredible support system. Unfortunately, the tables have turned and my husband and I both assist in caring for my mother and brother as we all reside in the same home. Happy Mother’s Day!!! She needs some applause!


My mother’s main priority and concern is her children’s happiness. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time for us. We celebrate our birthdays together and whenever the family gets together, she cries tears of joy. She’s very loving and charitable with people in need, always offering her hand to those asking for help. She’s a woman of faith, Christian, and very close to her traditions and people. She’s a fearless fighter. This is how I see my mother, and I wanted to share it with love for her.


What can I say about my mother? She was the most wonderful gift God gave my family. Unfortunately she’s no longer physically here but she’ll always be in my heart. Spiritually, she was my mother, sister and friend and I still can’t believe she’s not here…

For those of you fortunate enough to have your mother around, enjoy her and try to spend lots of time together. When that star has no more light to shine, the darkness is immense… I see her in my dreams and when I do, I don’t want to wake up. Mom, I still love you no matter where you are and I can’t wait for the moment we can meet again. God bless all the good mothers and children.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  How many generations of mothers in your family are celebrating together?  Let us know in the comments below.

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