Mother’s Day: Family history an ideal gift


Mother’s Day is an opportunity for families to celebrate their mothers and show them the appreciation they deserve.

Mother's Day

Mothers are often compared to superheroes – they appear to have a supernatural ability to look after their family while juggling a million tasks. The time and love they give and the continual self-sacrifice they make creates a unique bond that lasts over time and distance.

People show gratitude to their mothers in different ways, with cards, flowers, candy and other presents. But what means the most to a mother is the effort and thought that goes into the gift.

No one wants to commit the cardinal sin of forgetting Mother’s Day, so we’re reminding you of various gifts you can order directly from your MyHeritage family tree. Today, many of us live far from our mothers, but don’t fret – MyHeritage will deliver anywhere in the world.

Beautiful printed family calendar

MyHeritage printed family calendars

MyHeritage lets you print a beautiful personalized family calendar – in just a few clicks – direct from your family tree. The calendar will automatically include family photos and events including birthdays and anniversaries, matching them from your family site to the appropriate date.

Select from multiple styles and languages, and even change the start month, so you might order it beginning with May. Change any photos, add events and choose which national or religious holidays to include. Watch the video for more information.

Print your family tree as a beautiful poster:

Printed Family Tree
MyHeritage printed family tree posters

Family means everything to your mother and this gift – which she can frame, display and show off to friends and family – will be a beautiful reminder – a source of pride for all time.

They’re very simple to create; select from different styles and types. Once you’ve generated your personalized family tree, order it printed professionally and shipped anywhere in the world. Read this post for more information.

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13 (it’s always celebrated on the second Sunday in May), and it’s sooner than you think! Don’t wait for the last minute – login to your family site, order your personalized gifts today and surprise your Mom on her special day!

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    May 12, 2012

    I agree but the adopted are denied that right in 41 states.