Family Graph API Contest: Finalists named, voting now open


We’re delighted to announce the finalists of the Family Graph API Contest. A few months ago, MyHeritage challenged developers from around the world to create engaging apps for families, offering a $10,000 prize for the winner.

We’ve received some great entries, and shortlisted them to the four finalists below. Now it’s up to you – the public – to vote for your favorite.

The finalists are listed on the contest page and readers are invited to vote now, through March 14. Simply visit the page, try out the apps, and vote for your favorite using the Facebook Like buttons. We’ll announce the winner on March 15.

The criteria for selecting the finalists were: Value for families, creativity, originality, design, overall user experience, customized landing page and virality. Learn more about our great panel of judges. The judges’ votes will constitute 80% of the final score.

Here are the finalists:

1.  iFamily Trivia

App type: HTML Web App

App description: A custom-made personal family trivia quiz for MyHeritage users. How well do you know your family history? Take the quiz to find out!

2. Family Tree Puzzle

App type: Flash Web App

App description: This fun game presents MyHeritage users with their family tree in a “blank puzzle” form, and they need to re-assemble it. Each round of the game covers a different “branch” of the tree.

3. Charting Companion for MyHeritage

App type: Desktop Application

App description: Charting Companion allows MyHeritage users to create custom family tree charts, with a focus on clarity and compactness. The charts show more information in less space, while maintaining legibility and keeping the focus on the data.

4. momentStream

App type: HTML Web App

App description: Moment Stream is a family event page. It’s a place where families come together to celebrate a special occasion. For example, my brother is getting married and I want to prepare something for him that is straight from the heart and from the family. Moment Stream is the best way to do it.

We wish to thank everyone who entered the contest. Best of luck to the finalists.

To make your opinion count, just visit the contest page, check out the apps and vote for the one you like the most using the Facebook Like buttons. The winner will be announced on March 15. Enjoy!

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  • Joe Spencer

    March 1, 2012

    Hi I like this site. It has some new interesting features, that make
    it it more appealing for family members of all ages to get involved

  • Victor Dominguez

    March 1, 2012

    Hi, I think this is one of the websites that I was looking for. It is quite interested. It makes me find lots of families which I don’t know yet. Regards to the whole team.
    Victor Dominguez

  • Austin

    March 17, 2012

    All the social itaggng apps I find pointless and just there to expose you to adverts and variosu rogue embedded sites. I’m just a little sick of the vampire bites, the drinks, the food fights, pokes (WTF is that for) and the other email notification. To the point that all but join and group notifications I have disabled. I’m just fed up with the as you put it facebook spam. It was fun at first, now its waste of my time and effort.Yeah, I’m on facebook. I don’t login that much, Maybe once every two weeks. Why, well I have to go login. Every time I stop the session by shut down the browser means I have to login again. And frankly I just can’t be bothered going through the process. If I was left logged in I would visit every day.Also consider why should I extend information and play the spam games with in a walled garden in favour of extending my blog.