The Human Family Tree

The Human Family Tree

For five years, IBM and National Geographic have conducted “The Genographic Project” as a landmark study of the human journey.

The aim was to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species by using sophisticated laboratory and computer analysis of DNA contributed by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world.

In this unprecedented and of real-time research effort, the Genographic Project hopes to close the gaps of what science knows today about humankind’s ancient migration stories. It also aimed to show that we all belong to one large human family tree. is the testing partner and their website contains plenty of info on the project.

Below is the first in a 10 part series of videos that document the project:

Find the remaining nine videos on YouTube as well.

While scientifically the project has been a wonderful success, the most important outcome for me is further proof that we all belong to one big human family.

Hopefully, the effect of this and similar projects is progress towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination once and for all.

I’m interested to hear what you think about the video series so please feel free to comment below.


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  • Keith Turner

    October 21, 2011

    If we are so similar why does racism exist?

  • Kim

    October 22, 2011

    Interesting question Keith.

    I’m sure there are many factors, none of which, upon real reflection, really ought to justify it.

  • Greg Nichols

    October 23, 2011

    I’ve only seen the first video (so far), but have been sold on the idea of DNA testing, to supplement my Family History research, for some time. My Father, an only child, passed away just over a month ago, but I had arranged a Family Tree DNA cheek swab on him (and two of his adult grandchildren) about 18 months ago, so we have at least “preserved” his Mitochondrial side/data, as well as his Paternal line. My Mum was an adopted, only child, and passed away about 6 years ago, but we have been able to get her Mitochondrial DNA through one of the grandchildren

    The series looks professionally done and I look forward to seeing the rest. I hope it inspires others to test.