Introducing Family Goals: Now the whole family can buy a subscription together


We’re pleased to introduce Family Goals, enabling you and your family to split the bill on Premium and PremiumPlus subscriptions at By allowing other family members to chip in to help meet the costs of a subscription – family history becomes more affordable and this also encourages the wider family to become more engaged in exploring its past.

If you’re not already a member of, sign up for free and start your Family Goal today. Visit and start a new family tree, or import an existing tree by uploading a GEDCOM file.

Now let’s take a look at how Family Goals work.

Starting a Family Goal

Sign in to your family site on and click  ‘Our Family Goal’ – one of the options under the toolbar on your home page. Note that Family Goals will initially be available only to sites with 10 or more members.

How to find Family Goals (click to enlarge)

There are 3 simple steps to take:

  1. Select the target plan
  2. Be the first to chip in (if you want)
  3. Invite your family members to chip in

Select the plan (click to enlarge)

Select the target plan and duration of the subscription you want and click Continue.

Get the ball rolling (be the first to chip in!)

Lead the way! Select the amount you wish to contribute and click Chip in Now! You don’t have to chip in yourself, but setting an example to others is always very helpful.

Family Goals - be the first to chip in (click to enlarge)

Invite your family members to chip in towards the Family Goal. Each invited family member can choose whether to participate and how much to contribute.

Simply check the box next to the relatives you wish to invite. You can edit the message about Family Goal if you wish, then click Send.

Send invites to Family members (click to enlarge)

Keep track of your Family Goal

On your Family Goal page you can see how the goal is progressing towards completion. See how many days are left to reach the goal and who has chipped in so far.

Keep track of your family goal (click to enlarge)

Email reminders are automatically sent to invited family members as the deadline for completing the goal approaches to inform them about the remaining funds to be raised.

Achieve your Family Goal: Success!

Many of you will be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of your family to participate. Take for example MyHeritage user Ken T. from South Dakota, who recently upgraded his family site to PremiumPlus. Ken took advantage of Family Goals when we released this feature in beta. Here’s what Ken had to say:

“Family Goals are absolutely wonderful. It took only about four or five family members to reach our goal, and I was thrilled to know that the family is interested and wants to see our family site grow and last for our future children and grandchildren…”

Once you have reached your goal, a message will appear on your Family Goal page stating the details of your new subscription. Note that you can always start a new goal to upgrade or extend your family site.

Reaching your Family Goal (click to enlarge)

If you’ve found a subscription to be desirable but hard to afford, or you want to share its cost with other members of your family, a Family Goal is just what you need. Family Goals respect special offers that are offered from time to time, and if the funds are only partially collected, your site will get a pro-rata subscription. There is a link to the terms and conditions on the Family Goals page, where full details about the service can be found.

We hope you’ll find this addition useful!

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  • Peter Dawe

    July 6, 2011

    When will this be on the tool bar? It is not yet on my Site.

  • Richard Zimmerman

    July 6, 2011

    I am with Peter when will it be on the tool bar? It sounds like a great idea.

  • Ania

    July 11, 2011

    Thanks to everyone for your comments and concerns we have contacted each one of you via email.

  • Mehmet Özçelik

    July 15, 2011

    Abonelik banka


  • Glenn Dixon

    July 17, 2011

    I do not see this on my tool bar, just a warning that I have too many family members, and that I have to upgrade. Do I need to pay first, THEN set up a goal?