Dyngus Day: A Polish Easter Tradition in Buffalo, N.Y.

Dyngus Day: A Polish Easter Tradition in Buffalo, N.Y.

For over 45 years now, the Monday after Easter has been known as Dyngus Day in Buffalo, N.Y. It’s a post-Lent day of polka dancing, beer, Polish sausages and yes, love — with a few unusual courting rituals that make the day an ideal occasion to meet your soul mate.

Dyngus Day likely began in Poland, though it is said to be celebrated in neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, so it’s unclear exactly where the custom or name originates. The story goes something like this: men or boys carried water from house to house to sprinkle – or in some cases drench – the girl(s) they fancied. The girls smack the boys with pussy-willow branches if they share their affections. And while this exchange doesn’t seem like it would lead to love and marriage, there are many stories of true love found on this day.

For more Dyngus history and traditions as well as a schedule of this year’s events in Buffalo, NY visit dyngusdaybuffalo.com.

Now we leave you with a video of Eddy Dobosiewicz and Marty Biniasz who explain the history of Dyngus Day in Buffalo, NY.

Happy Dyngus Day!