Who Do You Think You Are? Live: Coverage Roundup

Who Do You Think You Are? Live: Coverage Roundup

Now that it’s a week after the event and the dust has well and truly settled, we thought we’d find all the post-event coverage we could from Who Do You Think You Are? Live and post it here for any who want an overview of the event. Here are a collection of blog posts and videos, with a few photos from us thrown in for good measure. In each of these, click the highlighted links to view the original. If we’ve missed anything, do let us know in the comments.

Blog posts

Anglo-Celtic Connections provides a good overview of the event here

Dick Eastman made two posts covering the event – the first from Day 1, and the second from Days 2 and 3.

Chris Paton from Scottish GENES wrote some of the most comprehensive write-ups of the event, with separate posts for ‘Day 0’, Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of the event, as well as post-event news and a selection of photos.

John Gasson also provided some excellent coverage via several posts on his blog, the Wandering Genealogist. These can be viewed here.

There’s a good overview post on the History Repeating blog, here.

The Photo Detective blog featured a short report about the event, viewable here.

A post focusing on the work of FamilySearch at the event can be seen here on the A Mormon in Mayfair Blog.

Cruwys News put together a nice report on the event, with a particular focus on DNA testing. You can see this here.

Finally, a nice retrospective article was posted on the Grow Your Own Family Tree blog here.


Two YouTube channels have a good number of videos from the event. The first is Chris Paton’s, which contains a large number of interviews from family history societies and genealogy experts. The second is The Nosey Genealogist, which also features some good interviews as well as a nice overview of the event itself.

Hopefully you enjoy these links, and they’ll either deepen those memories and give you more impetus to come along next year. We’ll leave you with a few photos we took from the event ourselves.


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  • Debbie Kennett

    March 7, 2011

    In case it’s of interest I did a report from WDYTYA on my blog with a particular focus on DNA testing:


    I was hoping to call in at the MyHeritage stand to say hello but ran out of time.

    • Robert

      March 8, 2011

      Looks like I missed one! I’ve now slotted this in to the post above.