A Family History Message in a Bottle: Clement’s Search

A Family History Message in a Bottle: Clement’s Search


This is a rough English translation of Une bouteille généalogique à la mer by our French colleague, Joss.

If you have spent time on your family tree then you’ve likely experienced the joys and roadblocks that often come with family history research—as they say, “It’s like reading a mystery where you’re the protagonist, and there literally is no end.”

A while back we received an email from a member in Quebec. His name is Clement and he has stumbled into a brick wall: he has several family photos, which may have come from the USA circa 1900-1920. Clement has sent us an email asking for help identifying two photos from the families of Gagnon and Bouchard.

This photo is believed to have come from Fort Dreamer, Massachusetts and was sent to Clement’s grandparents, Phillipe Gagnon and Marie Bouchard:

You may have been (or be in) in a similar situation—holding on to a photo that was sent to you after a relative’s death—which may unlock an essential branch to your family tree. It’s both comforting and admittedly a bit frustrating to think that somewhere, someone out there could have the missing facts, or is perhaps trying to put the same names to faces.

Any information on Clement’s photos would be much appreciated.

• Have you run into a brick wall? Have a mysterious photo that may help you uncover a new branch in your family tree? Click here to ask us on Facebook, or add a question to the comment section below. Hopefully we can offer up some advice or resource that will be of help to you.

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  • Maria Paulene

    October 27, 2013

    hi my name is maria paulene bouchard are you any relation to me my grand mother her name was maria bouchard my ant her name is rossmary bouchard. my fathers name was paul bouchard he passed away my mother just passed away to