The GeneaTweets: 16/07/2010

The GeneaTweets: 16/07/2010

A collection of the week’s weirdest, funniest, and most intriguing genealogy tweets.

“just got a phonecall from some Irish guy wanting to order shoes. Because he saw my blogpost about Nike shoes” (@mseckington)

“This genealogy stuff is like my whole heart and soul. I love it.” (@Love_Is_Dope)

“Talking Genealogy with my parents. Who knew this would be something I’m interested in and excited about?” (@luconius)

“Another wet day but then my ancestors did decide to settle in Scotland after all.” (@hellaf7)

“Relatives still talkin about everything related to a wedding that happened 3 wks ago! LOL typical!” (@quietdream625)

“Thanks, bab. Can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your Twitter mates x” (@williamstafford)

“Sign outside golf clubhouse in Scotland. Would person who took step ladder yesterday, PLEASE bring it back, or further steps will be taken.” (@tourscotland)

“2Am not ideal temperament for genealogist. My native impatience kicks in – I want to know if I’ve got Carlier dynasty right!” (@curlsdiva)

“My colonial ancestors were non-fighting Mennonites and British sympathizers. So much for applying to Daughters of the Revolution.” (@happydorkgirl)

“I just found out that maternal G-ma did keep family records. I have a history now. We’re an OLD pre-Revolution American fam.” (@happydorkgirl)

“No, wait, I take it back. Genealogy is frustrating. Especially when you know exactly what you’re looking for but CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE.” (@arejay4)

“It’s pretty cool to see where your ancestors lived. Mine came from Somerset 🙂 like in most of Jane Austen’s books, haha.” (@KristallPop)

“It seems I’m more approachable to Iranian ppl lol, one was asking if I’m Iranian, and the other was asking about mixed ancestors” (@Rin0s)

“My husband has relatives that can’t spell his last name right. And they’re on FB with him, too– HIS NAME IS RIGHT THERE ON THE SCREEN.” (@morganwolf)

“London’s Murder Map – Most of them killed by relatives. Feeling safe now.” (@vikihae)

“Wondering why Windows7 decided to put Show Desktop on the right instead of left side of the taskbar. My desktop speakers obscure it too.”

“All’s well that ends well. The cows were herded back into the field by about 1am.” (@alisonlodge)

“I’m 29% of the way through Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and so far it’s just tedious Swedish genealogy. Does it get better?” (@RWTY)

“hahaha i’ve been out and about today. doing my side hobby genealogy. stalking cemeteries & unburying family secrets! woohoo!” (@m_kellogg)

“Genealogy is crazy fun! I have Native and German (The German guy had a kid with an Algonquin lady)” (@madgoat)

“Some of my ancestors in the 17th century were Dutch wine merchants.” (@DizzyLeen)

“It is SO painful. I want the eye of ra. My families ancestors are from Egypt and i love the mythology. Duno where yet, ideas?” (@I_Am_Artemis)

“Perhaps with the death of the census future generations will look up ancestors on line and unearth the dusty tweeters left behind?” (@beltain35)

“Made the mistake of going to the Bastille Day with relatives. Pouring rain, 2 hrs of sleep, huge crowds, hrs and hrs of waiting, NO WAY OUT” (@xyzprincess)

“Genealogy is a very confusing study but a good brain work out.” (@JamesWilk)

“So weird to go on genealogy trek & find out a backstory in my novel actually happened…and to my ancestors…over 600 years ago.” (melissa_stark)

“This could potentially be my last tweet for the next week. Curse you Wisconsin relatives, and your lack of internet!” (@jimtopia)

“Genealogy. An account of one’s descent from an ancestor who did not particularly care to trace his own.” (@GaryWitherspoon)

“If you trace your family tree back 25 generations, you will have 33,554,432 direct ancestors – assuming no incest was involved.” (@Createanincome)

“Well, what do you know, my ancestors are Portuguese!” (@JanePixel)

“i have so much fun with genealogy. looks like my family has been kicking it in north america for 378 years.” (@unmailed_letter)

“Genealogy coolness–everybody on earth is at least 50th cousin to everybody else. So war is just family squabbles.” (@edward_klink)

“Just signed up to genealogy college night class. No mention of lamps, foxy Arabic ladies in veils or three wishes yet. Very disappointing.”

“We won a goldfish at the carnival more than 5 years ago, It’s still alive, I’m convinced that he’s the reincarnation of 1 of our ancestors” (@intelligentsias)

“Random fact: my father used to tell me that our ancestors were thrown out of Bulgaria for eating babies.” (@Jinx_the_Plague)