New: Feature-Packed Profile Pages

New: Feature-Packed Profile Pages is pleased to introduce revamped profile pages on your family site. Complete with a range of new and exciting features, the new profile pages on enable documentation of detailed biographical information of each family member and illustration of their most important life events on a world map.

New profile page of Jacqueline Kennedy

The new profile page of Jacqueline Kennedy (Click to enlarge)

The new profile page is designed to give you an overview of the life of any person in your family and the ability to quickly edit or add info as necessary. Therefore it has two different modes – the ‘view’ and the ‘edit’ mode. Let’s see how you can get to the profile page and what it can do in the view and edit modes.

You can access the profile page from the callout of any person (in the picture below on the right) – that speech bubble you see pretty much anywhere on your family site while hovering over a person’s name. From the family tree you can click on the ‘View profile’ button in the left panel (in the picture below on the left) to get to the persons profile, or find someone in the ‘people’ list of all your relatives (under ‘family tree > people’) and click on any name.

Access to new profiles from tree or any callout

Access the new profiles from your tree or any callout (Click to enlarge)

You’ll first see the profile page in the ‘view’ mode. If your user account is linked to your profile in the tree, the profile page starts with a blue box showing you how you are related to that person. Besides you see a large profile photo, the full name, key dates and – if the person is signed up on MyHeritage – some info about their membership like how often they visited, if they are a site manager and the like. Upcoming birthdays are also highlighted here and you can send an electronic greeting or even purchase a gift via

If a person doesn’t have a photo, you should add one – just click on the “Add photo” link in the silhouette and you can upload it directly from the profile page. Adding personal photos for every person in your family tree is warmly recommended, as it will transform your tree from a text-only, black & white listing, to a living, breathing and much more exciting visualization of your family. And if the person isn’t signed up at MyHeritage, just add the email address in the purple box below the name and click invite!

Add personal photo on the new profile page

Add personal photo on the new profile page (Click to enlarge)

Right below the key facts on the new profile page you can see a list of all photos of a person with direct access to the photo management or the slide show. This is followed by a list of the immediate family (partners, kids, siblings, parents) – especially helpful if you look at distant relatives or ancestors, so you can quickly understand their family context. Click any immediate family member to jump directly to their profile.

The new profile page splits up in two small tabs, ‘Info’ and ‘Events’. The Info tab covers education, work, favorites, contact details, personal info and a biography. Underneath there is a guest book, where you can leave comments for that person, or share your memories if the person is deceased.

Get all the details: the Info tab

Get all the details: the Info tab (Click to enlarge)

The highlight of the Events tab is a chronological list of the most important events in the life of a person. Here you also see the map we mentioned earlier. In the example below you see John F. Kennedy’s life on a small map, that can be clicked to be viewed in full size. This ‘life trail’ shows births, marriages and deaths in the life of the person as well as close relatives, plus events that have location info such as residence, education and work.

Life events and the trail of JFK

Important events and the life trail of JFK (Click to enlarge)

Sometimes it’s the finer details of a person’s life that define and shape the character of the whole family. The new ‘edit mode’ of the profile page allows you to document everything that makes your relatives special directly on your family site (if you are not using the Family Tree Builder software). From adoptions and foster families to information such as education, career, special memories, favorite sayings, likes and dislikes, religious names or nicknames, you can enter all of it directly on the profile page. Click on ‘Edit profile’ below the personal photo on the left, or any of the small blue edit links further down on the page, to access the edit mode.

Clicking 'edit profile' will change to 'edit' mode

Clicking 'edit profile' will change to 'edit' mode (Click to enlarge)

The edit mode of the profile page has a grey bar on the left with the different topics in which you can add information. It starts with the ‘Essentials’ like the name with prefixes or suffixes, nickname, religious name or namesakes as well as birth and death information. A nice little helper is the new drop down which will give you all places that you’ve used anywhere else on the site, so you can just pick one instead of typing it over again.

‘Save & continue’ will always get you to the next topic, ‘Save & close’ returns back to the view mode of the profile page and ‘Cancel’ will discard your changes.

Edit the essentials of a profile

Edit the essentials of a profile (Click to enlarge)

The next page is for the key family info and lets you edit relationships to parents and partners. Adding new parents or partners is done in the tree itself, but you can refine that info here. Here you can specify if the person is a natural child, adopted or fostered; you can also specify the exact relationship of that person with any partner. Choose among marriage, divorce, separation, partners and similar options. Note that for the countries where this is common we allow adding date and place of a civil marriage as well as the religious marriage.

Then you can enter a full biography of a person, we offer you a complete text editor so you can mark stuff in bold, create a list, add images and the like. Next is the page with contact details. You can add as many addresses as you want and even date them, so it works well for people who moved around a lot during their life. You can fill only the city or a full address with zip and house number, but in any case we will try to show those places to you on the map. Obviously you can also add email, phone, fax and even any user names for messengers, social networks or URL for personal websites, Twitter accounts or the like. We’ll make those into links so you can quickly see your cousin’s tweets from the view mode.

As you go back in time you’ll inevitably come across events in previous generations, such as births, marriages and deaths, where exact dates are unknown. Therefore we’ve made it possible to enter approximate dates such as ‘circa 1970’, ‘after August 1980’ or even complex dates such as ‘between January 15 1920 and before March 1921’. Corresponding to the GEDCOM format – such dates remain fully structured and can be automatically sorted, translated and searched. This is helpful with the ‘essentials’ but also with the next two pages where you can enter everything about work and education of your relatives and ancestors. The education dates of JFK for example are not quite certain. It is known that he went to London School of Economics and spent some time there with Harold Laski, but it’s uncertain when he decided to abort studies there and move back to the US where he subsequently enrolled at Princeton and Harvard.

Flexible date entry - new eduction page

Flexible date entry on the new eduction page (Click to enlarge)

There are two more pages, the first for favorites to be filled with stuff like the basketball team you support, music, movies or TV shows you like and where you usually hang out. In the personal info you can also enter religion, nationalities, spoken languages and even nice details like hair or eye color. If you hit ‘Save & close’ you’ll get back to the view mode of the profile page and the new additions will appear there. By the way, most of the info will also show up in the left panel in your family tree.

If you have built your tree with our software Family Tree Builder (FTB) and published it to your family site, then changes to the data can only be made within your software. In this case the edit mode is disabled and you keep full control over all data on your own computer. Soon we plan to offer a full synchronization to users of FTB, so relatives online will be able to contribute  data that you can then moderate and synch back into the software on your computer.

All of these new features are now live on the website, but they are just the tip of the iceberg! We have a full list of about 70 more improvements coming up. Some are more about multimedia like embedding HTML and YouTube videos directly into profile pages. Others are for the genealogists among you: you’ll be able to enter more than 100 new facts such as immigration and military service, enter custom facts of your own, add sources and citations, associate photos with any fact and enjoy smart mechanisms to validate information that you enter in more than 30 criteria and receive suggestions when the data may be wrong. And we’ll add some settings like how you want dates to be displayed throughout the entire site.

In short, we will continue to work hard to make these profiles the very best on the Web for families. We hope you’ll enjoy the new profiles released this week and please watch this space for more updates!


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  • Eero Ignatius

    July 29, 2010

    It sure looks good – and so much like the profile page in GENI…! Let’s hope that both companies concentrate on improvement of websites and don’t intend to feed money in lawyers’ pockets by assuming copyright infringements. I am a paying Customer in both and appreciate the continuous improvement you’re doing.

  • Dale Butler

    July 30, 2010

    I upgraded my free acct. and was supposed to get “priority support” but so far I’ve not been able to find a link to support and all my e-mails are still unanswered. The upgraded account is no different than the free account. If I can find a way to contact the company I intend to demand a refund.

  • Robert

    July 30, 2010

    Hi Dale, you can find help at or reach the team at Make sure you use the same email address with which you upgraded to Premium.
    Feel free to email me on and I’ll make sure your concern is handled immediately.

  • WTFdaily

    August 11, 2010

    The coolest tool !!

    I like .
    I’ll bookmark it.

    I wish you visit back.

  • Robert Chapin

    August 11, 2010

    I’m glad that the citation information is being displayed in full text now instead of being secretly hidden in the Sources HTML. This gives a more complete view of the research.

    The section showing “Immediate family” is a rather lame regression though. It used to clearly show the group with parents and the group with children separately, but it is now a shapeless blob of names and faces. I think that could be adjusted slightly for clarity.

  • Jessica

    August 13, 2010

    While this seems like a nice feature, I’m a little concerned. What are the privacy settings on these pages? How do we keep stalkers from seeing every detail of our entire family?

  • Ragunathan

    August 14, 2010

    Very good features it should be limited view for the allowed members only

  • Christine

    August 14, 2010

    I’ve read this article and still can’t work out how to add a move of address to my profile.

  • kailas pathak

    August 15, 2010

    while the features are fantastic, how the viewership is limited to chosen few only from the family

  • Natamkar Aminur Rahman, Ambur

    August 15, 2010

    Fantastic features ! I like it. I will upgrade my site.

  • Göran Gebring

    August 15, 2010

    Fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  • JP du Plessis

    August 16, 2010

    I am still studying the facility byt sofar it would appear to be an enhancement of the work that I, as webmaster, have done thusfar.
    Thankyou for constantly thinking of new innovations.

  • gerald mclean

    August 16, 2010

    I wish you’d remove this feature until you have fixed a security loop hole. Using the ‘last name’ link and this web profile, one can access the privet photos of living persons, and construct family trees of families on the MyHeritage web site, even if they are set up for no access to non-members. All without having to sign in or be a member. This feature has removed privacy of personal details. Clicking on photo placeholders with the gray question mark should not then take the user to a further linked personal page and show all their photos. This needs to be fixed. This is not the service that has been paid for. And it may leave MyHeritage open to action.

  • gerald mclean

    August 16, 2010

    If I wanted a face book page with family members I’d join FaceBook

  • Eugene Hurwitz

    August 16, 2010

    I don’t think I like this new feature. It does look like a Facebook page, and displays more information than I would like. Privacy settings are important. Security will definitely be an issue.

  • Graham Jones

    August 16, 2010

    At £££££££££


  • Elisabeth Medley-Smith

    August 16, 2010

    I live in France and since you changed the profile “My Heritage” is coming up in French instead of English. How do I change this? It is no good to me in french.

  • gerald mclean

    August 17, 2010

    I sent my concerns off to and they sent back this link to improve security and reduce / remove profile presence on the web. Thank you. It’s a bit long-winded having to do it at all, but it has seemed to help matters: “How do I make sure all my family site information is kept private?”
    And to Mario – Marketing Director at MyHeritage; yes this is the link I was referring to. Thank you for pointing out this link has nothing to do with the new profile page. But it is how the issue was brought to my attention.
    And to MyHeritage in general; I know the trend is to social networking but, please don’t be tempted to turn this service into something it was never meant to be. Please bear in mind, it’s not social networking – its family networking we want here.
    All that being said; yes the new profile page seems a bit radical, but good.

  • Mario

    August 18, 2010

    Thanks for all your feedback. Some more answers from our side:

    @Jessica/Ragunathan/Kailas/Eugene: The privacy settings of the new profile pages stayed exactly the same, meaning that if your family site is private nobody will have access at all! Looks like we didnt make that clear enough in our article. Besides the help article that Gerald mentions this one might interest you:
    About privacy, you should also keep in mind that on MyHeritage data of living people (first names, birth dates, etc) is always private! So even if your site is set to public, guests will see instead of the first name and no further data. You can look at this which is the profile page of prince Harry on a public family site about the British Royals.

    @Gerald: We did check your case with extra care, but as you noticed yourself there is are no security issues to be found. We are very diligent on this kind of issue. We know how important privacy is for people, so releases like this get tested for being fully secure before going live.

    @Christine: If you move places and want to mark that in your profile, go to the tab ‘My contact info’ in the left sidebar of the edit ‘mode profile mode’ as described above. There click on ‘+Add another address’ and chose the time you lived at each address.

    @Elisabeth: You can change the language at the very bottom right of the page if you click on the little flag.

  • Billy Stenhouse

    August 19, 2010

    I think it is a great addition. My immediate family all liked it also. No privacy issues as far as we are concerned, in fact I wish it was expanded to include any member of the family we wished to include, ie, cousins from abroad who have access to the site and a great ongoing interest in the tree as it expands. I am on the premium site and think it is well worth the money, certainly much more available than the basic free site.

  • Marjorie Falkenstein Magnuson

    August 25, 2010

    Are there privacy limitations to only family members?

  • Patricia Le Lievre

    September 2, 2010

    How do I edit a name or date that has been wrongly entered?

  • margarita

    September 4, 2010


  • ΦΑΝΗ

    September 6, 2010


  • владимир

    September 8, 2010

    а на русском языке есть что-либо?

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    lijkt me erg leuk maar kan het ook in het nederlands??

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    Gaarne alles in het nederlands!

  • Anneus Love

    September 17, 2010

    Бля, русских как всегда ниодного… XD

  • محمد محمود

    October 24, 2010

    , I’m a little concerned. What are the privacy settings on these pages? How do we keep stalkers from seeing every detail of our entire family?
    Fantastic! Keep up the work

  • Robert

    October 26, 2010

    Privacy settings are still completely under your control. If you don’t want anyone but your family seeing the tree or family site, you don’t have to have that.