The MyHeritage Web Awards – Could You Be A Part of It?

The MyHeritage Web Awards – Could You Be A Part of It?

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The team at MyHeritage is now laying the groundwork for a fantastic new project: the First MyHeritage Web Awards.

We’ll scour online genealogy communities across the world, and recognize the best websites and blogs with this award. It’s the first time we’ve done this, so it’s very exciting.

Our expert judging panel has set three criteria: 1) high quality content; 2) originality in topic choice, approach and design; and 3) frequently updated content. We’re hoping to showcase the best genealogy sites in smaller countries, as well as those as far afield as Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Once we’ve compiled the winners, the list of sites and their links will appear on

We hope this project will provide an excellent reference point to some of the best international genealogy websites and blogs, and recognize the hard work of global online genealogists.

Look for future announcements.

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  • Dave Lehman

    January 23, 2011

    Here is a website you might want to taka a look at