The winners from our “Who Do You Think You Are?  Live” prize draw.

The winners from our “Who Do You Think You Are? Live” prize draw.


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Were you at the show in London the other week? Maybe you are among the winners!

Thanks again to all of you who came by our stand, thousands of people visited our stand, took a CD or signed in for our prize draw. It was great to meet so many genealogists and family history enthusiasts in person. For those of you who didn’t make it, you can read more about what happened at the event here.

The winners who will enjoy a 1 year Premium Membership are:

    1. John H.
    2. Ros P.
    3. Carol G.
    4. Shirley J.
    5. Caroline B.
    6. Margaret C.

This Premium membership offers special features such as Smart Match merging, the ability to publish videos and documents online, unlimited maps, and more. For further information click here

If you didn’t win, don’t worry: Everybody can create a family site on or use our market-leading genealogy software Family Tree Builder” for FREE. And if you like some of the Premium features, you can purchase a Premium membership and your whole family will enjoy its benefits.

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