Dutch network Zooof.com also joins MyHeritage.com

Dutch network Zooof.com also joins MyHeritage.com

Last week we announced some big news about joining forces with German family site network OSN – news that has spread around the world by now.

Zooof logoThis week we’re announcing a smaller yet important development, which is that we are now also welcoming all users of the Dutch family network ZOOOF.com.

Zooof.com is an Amsterdam-based international family network which has the vision to ultimately unite everyone in one family. Co-founder Jean-Paul Busker came up with the idea for Zooof.com in 2004 as a project to investigate the concept of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ for families in the world. Partnering with co-founder and computer science expert Stefan Leenen, he launched ZOOOF.com later that year. And now they’ll be joining their network with MyHeritage.com, so users can benefit from the technologies and features that our site has to offer.

Zooof is a great community with users from all over the world, even if their is a large part of Dutch users. The network has a really friendly spirit that impressed us and which we’ll do our best to carry over to MyHeritage.com.

Important for you is that as the site has a large contingent of Dutch users, which is strengthening the Dutch part of our Family Graph. That means that it will become easier for you to discover your Dutch ancestors and relatives through our Smart Matches™ because we have more data about Dutch genealogy now. After all, the history of the Dutch as explorers and merchants means there are people around the world with Dutch roots, so you may be amongst them!

Being available in 35 languages, the Zooof site has a good fit with ours, allowing Zooof users to continue in the language they were working in previously. As with the OSN users, we’ll ensure their trees are safe so they are able take their research further privately and securely. Users will be able to access their tree on both platforms for the coming months.

Once again a welcome to all Zooof users!

If you’d like to know more, have a look at the press release or get in touch.