Your Family Events Just Learnt to Talk

Your Family Events Just Learnt to Talk


Camilla's birthdayYou know those balloons that appear, if you hover over names? They look like a speech bubble and give you the key info about the person they are talking about. We’ve recently added them to our events as well – on the home page and the event section – so without a single click you’ll know what’s going on. But that’s just the most visual way in which the new event features have started talking.

Building upon our recent refurbishment of the main event section we have made your family events more interactive:

Your MyHeritage calendar can now talk to Outlook
Clicking on any event name in the balloon or elsewhere will take you to the new event details page. With the new “Add to Outlook” link you can export the event from your family calendar and import it to your Microsoft Outlook schedule. Nice to have some friendly family events between all the business stuff isn’t it?

Greetings to your relatives – always on time
Now you can take action immediately on those events: send off the greeting now and we will deliver it on the day! You can make sure…

you’ve sent something and that it will reach on time.
If you are living in the US or in the UK we will also show you some gift ideas underneath, and you can order quick and easy.
So if you enjoy being the one in the family who knows everyone’s birthday and always congratulates on time, this is for you!

this day in historyDays tell you about their history
If you click on a date instead of the event you get to the new day page that shows you all events happening on that day. We added a grey column on the right to tell you what has happened on that day in history. There are over 40 historical events listed per day to help you refresh your historical knowledge. You can get more by clicking here or on ‘more events’ at the bottom of the column.

Expressive new design all around
By now you’ll have noticed that the improved event section has never looked better: the calendar pages are all in our new design now, fresh and more colorful, on the day, month or year.
Make sure you check in regularly to listen if there are any new events in your family that want to remind you of something.

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The new birthday page: export to outlook, schedule a party and send a greeting

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Births, deaths and other events on this day in history

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