Small change, big difference; new header and footer

Small change, big difference; new header and footer

The devil is in the detail and small changes can make a big difference, these are all things we believe in. That’s why this week we have changed our header and footer: its a small change but you’ll see it will make a big difference to your family site!

myheritage headerYou may have noticed the change, but if not, it means you will have:

– A renewed nicer, cleaner look for the header and footer on your family pages
– Less text in both so more room for your family tree and the content on your family pages
– A site overview in your header enabling you to select where you want to go on your site in one glance. You can now choose from MyFamily, Celebrities& Fun, Community, Genealogy, Downloads and Gifts
language overview– A new language selection option at the right hand side of your footer with a pop-up to select the language of you site

Enjoy the changes, they are made to make your experience on the site more enjoyable!


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  • Victor

    February 2, 2011

    This is not intuitive.
    Better also add language selection in settings

  • pauline o dea

    November 21, 2011

    change language to english in my heritage