Enjoy your family photos to the fullest

Enjoy your family photos to the fullest


Click to view photo in full sizeYour whole family uploaded photos, tagged the people in them and created albums for the last family events? Now lean back and enjoy the beautifully animated presentations of your family photos on full screen!

Zoom in on the right face
You can now see a “slideshow” link in the sidebar of your family home page as well as the top navigation in the section “photos & videos”. Once you clicked it you will be seeing the recent photos from your family site presented in our version of the “Ken Burns” effect. It is a presentation that pans over your still images and zooms into them while fading from one image to another, which gives you the impression of a movie. Don’t know what that means? This presentation with photos of Barack Obama will make it more clear (pics from here).

You can see our Ken Burns presentation at its best, if you go to select album at the top and pick the photos of a person. Ken Burns will then only show photos of this person and always zoom in to where that person is on the photo. Just imagine all those yearbook photos and the like… now you will always be taken to who you are looking for.

Pick the album or person
In the select album window you will see

present family photos with album and people selector myheritage slideshowall the albums from your family pages and can limit the presentation to one of them. As mentioned above you will also be able to switch to people if you only want to see photos of certain people (like in the screenshot on the left). Go and start tagging your photos now, if you don’t see the people button in the album selector.

From Polaroids to virtual 3D walls
With the second button on the top left – called ‘Choose effect’ – you can change the way the photos are presented. Besides the Ken Burns and a pretty traditional slideshow, there is the 3D walls, the photo stack and cover flow.
The 3D walls spread all your photos on a virtual wall, that depending on the flavor will be plane or bended in one way or the other. You can click on a photo on the wall to see it in full size and use the slider at the bottom to move along the wall.
Choose the photo stack, if you loved the way you looked at photos before the digital age: with that iron box full of Polaroids that you flipped over on your mums wooden kitchen table. It’s my personal favorite and the one you can see on the screen shot above, also because if you leave it alone for 10 seconds it starts going through the photos automatically.
present family photos with style selector myheritage slideshowLast but not least there is cover flow, a very aesthetic way of flipping through your albums in a horizontal arrangement (see screenshot below). Move the slider at the bottom or click on one of the image on the right or left to move through your collection. Click on the central image to view it full size.

Share a certain album with your favorite style
Whenever you have a slideshow that you want to share with people who don’t see on your screen at the moment, click on the ‘share’ button, copy the url and paste it in emails, IM, twitter or on your personal website. The links include the album or person that you selected and the presentation style. They will only work, if the album is public or the viewer is a member of your family site.
So you can use MyHeritage to showcase your work, whatever it may be. As a garden designer for example, you might want to upload some the most impressive gardens you have created and share it with potential clients.

Click to view photo in full size
The 3D wall presentation on MyHeritage

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