We are now a family of 30 million!

We are now a family of 30 million!

MyHeritage Now Has 30 million UsersToday is another big day in the life of MyHeritage. Today the 30 millionth user joined our family network!

We want to thank Alan from the UK for signing up to the site! But also congratulations to those of you who, just like Alan, love their families, stay in a touch with them and share photos and videos, plan events or research their family history on our site.

30 million is really something. Imagine the number of inhabitants of both Australia and Austria and we are still talking about less people than the number of our users. And our 30 million users, collectively, have built family trees with 320 million profiles!

However, we are not interested in collecting users, but rather

in having more and more *happy* users. In order to do a better job of supporting you in all questions and needs you might have, we have started to revamp our support forums.

You will see that company representatives are now very responsive on the forums, and you will also see that many of the users active there, are Premium customers. If you need assistance, the forums are an excellent place to start, and MyHeritage members are welcome to use them to answer questions of other members.

We would love to hear from you – it would be great if you could share with us a success story of how MyHeritage helped you. To make it easier, here are few inspiring topics and questions:

– What do you like the most about MyHeritage?
– Have you discovered any family members abroad using MyHeritage you didn’t know about? Are you in touch with them?
– Have you found any famous people to be your ancestors? Tell us about them, no matter if it’s Napoleon Bonaparte, Christopher Columbus, Gaius Julius or a less known celebrity…
– How big is your family tree? How many family members have helped you build it?
– Have you moved your family tree to MyHeritage from other family social networks? What makes us better from your point of view?
– If you had three wishes on how to improve MyHeritage, what would they be?

Whether it is an answer to one of the questions above or something else, feel free to post your comments. Thank you for using MyHeritage!


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  • Maria Filomena Henriques Chaves

    March 6, 2009

    I was told by a cousin you developed a new tool to help our families searches ( MyHeritage Research… ) but unfortunately you didn’t inform me anything about it yet. May I ask you why?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon, sincerely,
    Maria Filomena