“Who You Think You Are” in London

“Who You Think You Are” in London


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This year London saw the “Who do you think you are?” LIVE Exhibition taking place from February 27 to March 1. The show takes its name from the popular UK BBC series by the same name, a documentary that shows famous TV stars’ journey into their pasts.

Being a national history show about all things genealogy in the UK, for advanced researchers to absolute beginners, the London team of MyHeritage were convinced they couldn’t give this show a miss.

So Family Tree Builder CD’s in hand we set out to meet some of you guys offline.

At the exhibition we found a unique blend of entertainment, information and expertise. Local foundations, agencies and genealogy researchers offered their services and databases on certain communities to us, like the Irish, Scottish or English. Click to view photo in full size
Military and migration records were available, as well as organizations offering their tools for ancestry research or printing family trees.

In fact, we heard many interesting stories from people who take genealogy very seriously. Like James, who arranged himself in a small corner of the exhibition space with loads of old pictures from unknown people. His mission: to name the people in this pictures with the help of others who may happen to know something about them. It seems as hard as to find a needle in a haystack, but he did some great research that may lead to a lot of surprises. Maybe you can help him at www.whatsthatpicture.com.

James task is unique, but for us dealing with our family photos MyHeritage’s face recognition technology can help identify people and tag them automatically. Did you know that? Otherwise, take the tour and find out more!

We were very pleased to meet so many people and associations at the exhibition that we could tell about the new version of our Family Tree Builder or the launch of the video upload function on our site or our user stories.

What we saw was a great community dedicated to the noble activity that is genealogy.

We are always looking around to see how we are doing, how we can improve our site and what products to offer, we found this exhibition helped us do just that.

Were you there? Let us know what you thought of it!

Will you go to a genealogy event soon? If you are interested in meeting our team you might be able to catch Daniel Horowitz, our Genealogy and Translation Manager. He will be presenting the SmartMatching technology and our software Family Tree Builder at the Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy in Utah on March 14th, talking to the Jewish Genealogical Society of North Jersey on March 31st, and later on lecturing at the International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Philadelphia in August. So get in touch with him by email, if you are there!

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