Try our family offer to trace your ancestors using genetics and FamilyTreeDNA

Try our family offer to trace your ancestors using genetics and FamilyTreeDNA

DNA research with MyHeritage and familytreeDNAThe genealogists among you have probably heard about DNA research. Genetics is a fascinating field of biology and its technical advances can help you to find out more about your family history.

Therefore we have now teamed up with FamilyTreeDNA, the company that has pioneered DNA-based family research almost a decade ago. By now they are the most popular DNA testing service and as a MyHeritage user you’ll get an amazing deal on some of their products.

Through MyHeritage you will save $60 on the mtDNAplus package. We offer you three of their products, all with a nice discount and starting from as little as $129, including the testing kit that you will receive ahead and the results and certificate after the analysis.

Some of the tests will give you details about your ethnic and geographic origin. Or they can help you to find out if you are really related to someone of the same name from another country. Especially if there are no written records. So it’s the perfect supplement for your family tree on MyHeritage.

A DNA test can help you to recreate missing family links. And by the way:

FamilyTreeDNA doesn’t do paternity tests, nor do their tests give any medical indications. And you can be sure that they will treat your genetic data as responsibly as MyHeritage is treating your family data. FamilyTreeDNA’s database is secure and offline-only, so your sensitive information is safe.

If you have any other questions, have a look in the FAQ‘s, post below in the comments or drop us an email.


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  • Dirk

    February 22, 2009

    Hello MyHeritage:

    I am happy to read about the start of your partnership with FamilyTreeDNA.

    It would be very useful for your members to allow one, or to automatically integrate from FTDNA, to enter/upload ones Y-DNA/mt-DNA test results. You should then allow the option that one can contact every one whose DNA test results match one’s own.

    Thanks, Dirk