The MyHeritage family tree gets a new look!

The MyHeritage family tree gets a new look!

Our team is excited to announce a new, simple way to navigate and edit your online family tree on MyHeritage. We’ve added a new Modern Look, which focuses your family tree around a single person and a lets you quickly add relatives to your family tree.

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SCREENSHOT: The new Modern look (click to enlarge)

The new look was added following the request of our users. We still support the previous Classic Look (that presented ancestors in a hierarchical display) and you can switch between the two looks anytime you want.

The new look lets you see more people at a time as well as get a good overview of the way people are connected in the family. You will also find it easier and quicker to add relatives and find your way around once your tree becomes really large.

How does it work?
We display the family tree as a chart. Each person has a card in the chart, with partners appearing next to each other and parents appearing above their children. For people who were married more than once, it is now easier to see all partners as they appear side-by-side in the chart.

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SCREENSHOT: Barack Obama’s family tree built using the new look (click to enlarge)

The cards are colored based on gender. Each card shows the person’s name, photo, date of birth, and if deceased – the date of death. To edit personal details, simply click the Edit link on the card.

Growing the family tree
Adding relatives is easy, just click the round plus button at the bottom of any person card. The Quick Action Menu makes adding relatives a breeze.

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SCREENSHOT: Growing a family tree by adding more relatives (click to enlarge)

Seeing the big picture
With the Zoom slider you can zoom in to see more details for each card, or zoom out to reveal more cards and survey the big picture.

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SCREENSHOT: Zooming out to see the big picture (click to enlarge)

A family tree in photos…
You can customize the family tree to your taste, and choose the standard family tree or the nifty photo-only mode.

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SCREENSHOT: A photo-based mode for a family tree (click to enlarge)

We hope you enjoy using this new feature as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.

The MyHeritage team.


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  • madhel

    August 13, 2008

    its cool

  • Gustav Černý

    August 17, 2008

    It is O.K. Thank you. GČ.

  • Jamie McDonald

    August 23, 2008

    i am most interst in making a family tree about my family and getting to know it and learn how to probley