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Television: A shared family experience

The Huffington Post recently published an article about the 25th anniversary of the TV show "The Bold and the Beautiful." This is an iconic soap opera that has been running for, well, 25 years! If you haven't seen it, it’s set in Los Angeles and focuses on the Forrester family and their family fashion business.

Shared experiences help create the close bond that families enjoy. In some families, television plays its part as a shared pastime, with the whole family getting together to watch their favorite show.

In my family, we used to watch episodes of Dr. Who together (and by together I mean some of us were on the sofa and others were hiding behind it)!

What TV show does your family watch together? Was there a show that you all used to watch? Which one was it? Let us know below.

21    Sep 20101 comment

How TV is Helping to Introduce More and More People To Genealogy

I've been noticing lately that TV shows and their producers are starting to tap into the growing interest in family history to promote their programs.

Of course there are shows like Who Do You Think You Are?, which are specifically about family history research.

There are, however, more subtle signs that genealogy is moving into the mainstream consciousness. Continue reading "How TV is Helping to Introduce More and More People To Genealogy" »

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