8    Sep 20164 comments

50 Years of ‘Star Trek’

Fifty years ago, on September 8, 1966, the first Star Trek episode was broadcast in the US, on NBC.

Has it really been a half-century? We feel that time has passed by at warp speed!

Original Star Trek cast (Credit: TVgoodness.com)

Star Trek was a culturally influential TV show that made a considerable impact on society. The show regularly dealt with significant social issues of the day such as sexism and feminism, racism, militarism, and peace. The idea of people from all nations coming together to explore space and utilizing the imagined exciting futuristic technologies inspired a generation.

Martin Cooper, General Manager of Systems at Motorola and one of the inventors of the cell phone, explained how Star Trek affected his life-mission: Continue reading "50 Years of ‘Star Trek’" »

21    Sep 20101 comment

How TV is Helping to Introduce More and More People To Genealogy

I've been noticing lately that TV shows and their producers are starting to tap into the growing interest in family history to promote their programs.

Of course there are shows like Who Do You Think You Are?, which are specifically about family history research.

There are, however, more subtle signs that genealogy is moving into the mainstream consciousness. Continue reading "How TV is Helping to Introduce More and More People To Genealogy" »

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