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Timeless music: Enjoyed by generations

The Beatles, c1964. Clockwise from top right: Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon

If I asked my grandmother who Lady Gaga is, she'd have no idea, but if I asked about 'The Beatles, she'd likely sing any number of tunes, as would my parents, as would I, and as would my kids.

Some musicians are timeless. From classical masters to the more contemporary, some music simply spans the generations.

Today is Sir Paul McCartney's 70th birthday. Born in Liverpool on June 18, 1942, his parents, Mary and Jim, couldn't know that their son would become one of the most influential musicians in the world, and part of a band that would enjoy global success.

What musicians or bands are enjoyed by the generations in your family? Do you share a favorite singer - or a timeless tune - with your grandparents or grandchildren? Share your answers in the comments section below, on FacebookTwitter or Google+.

Happy birthday, Sir Paul!

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