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Poll: Is your family superstitious?

Never walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors. A broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck.

These are just some popular supersititions shared in many of our families.

What is a superstition?

The Wikipedia definition for Superstition is "a belief in supernatural causality: that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events".

The examples above are common superstitions. But we want to know whether superstition runs in your family?

Are you superstitious? Were yourancestors?

Let us know in the poll below.

If the answer is yes, share your family's superstition in the comments below.

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Family Superstitions, Part 2: More Recent Beliefs

We all have family members who hold to superstitions, and, as we saw a few days ago, many of these beliefs go back several centuries.

What’s interesting about superstitions, however, is that many of them come from more recent times.

In this part we’re going to look at some of these, and trace the origins of some of your family superstitions to more recent times than you might have imagined.
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Family Superstitions, Part 1: Ancient Beliefs

Most families have a few superstitions flowing through them, even if it’s only the older members who still hold to them diligently. And if there’s one feature most of these superstitions have in common, it’s that they’re totally, utterly inexplicable. Like a chocolate kettle paired with a paper teapot, they make no sense whatsoever.

Unlike the above, though, they do tend to have their own backstory. Some superstitions derive from half-forgotten religious practices, but others have origins in the practical wisdom of their times.

In this series we’re going to look at some of the more common family superstitions, and find out where the heck they originally came from. Some of them, you might find, are not quite so ridiculous after all. (Although most of them definitely are.)

In this first part we’re going to look at some very old superstitions, those thought to have originated several centuries ago or even in pre-Christian times.
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