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Interview Series: Cynthia Edwards – Cairns and District Family History Society

Cairns is a city in the far northeast of Australia. This week we talk to Cynthia Edwards from the Cairns and District Family History Society.

Tell us a bit about yourself .  How you got into family history research? Why you are so heavily involved with it now?

I started thinking about recording our family history about 11 years ago when our grandchildren started coming along.  As my parents had passed away some years before I realised, it was up to me to tell their stories, as well as mine to this new generation.  My mother became interested back in the seventies when she watched Janet Reakes on the Mike Walsh Show.  Sadly her researach was not recorded, including photo captions.

That was about 12 years ago however, I have only been seriously researching for the past seven or so years.  The information I started finding out about my grandparents and their siblings encouraged me to keep researching as these were the stories I never knew.  To discover so many of the people that myself, my sister and brother thought were friends of our parents, but were actually relations has been a lovely surprise.  I often sidetrack to see if I can answer questions like " How did my great-grandfather receive training when he began his teaching career in 1872?"

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