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THE SIMPSONS & yes, they have a MyHeritage Tree

Simpson's Color Me Yellow

Eliza and Mabel

First, I should point out the Simpsons very own Family Tree:

In the 21st season of The Simpsons, Lisa finds out a bit more about her ancestry in the episode The Color Yellow. A family tree class project is inspired by a tree stump that comes crashing into Principal Skinner's Kia sedan, an event Bart exclaims as a 'mykia' moment. Lisa embodies the project as moment to embrace her noble heritage. But, all signs begin to lead another direction as her early foraging reveals only the troubled and derelict nature of her family. Homer, Lisa's father , attempts to dissuade her her vain attempts to find something wholesome in the Simpson tree, exclaiming the family to be nothing but a "long line of horse thieves, deadbeats, horsebeats, dead thieves, and even a few….alllllcccoholics," as he guzzles his beer with fat peacock like panache.
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