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Poll: Does ’sense of humor’ run in the family?

Last week we asked whether sense of direction ran in your family.

Many people enjoy finding out information about their ancestors in terms of the facts and figures about their lives.

But what some enjoy most is learning about how they lived and what kind of people they were.

There are certain character traits that appear to run in the family and when you see a family member exhibiting the mannerisms or characteristics that their parents, or grandparents possessed, you feel a sense of familiarity or continuation.

So to carry on this theme, we’re now interested in the lighter side of life - humor.

We’ve all got those relatives that have a fantastic sense of humor, the ones who always have a joke or anecdote to share at every family get together.

Have you noticed a trend in your family? Do you think sense of humor is inherited? We'd love to hear your view in the poll, or comments section below.

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