14    Aug 20113 comments

Cooking: Keep it in the Family

Cooking has always been a family affair and one activity that your immediate family (should) always help out with. We may think that our seemingly weekly menu rotation is due to laziness however, those choices are likely to be heavily influenced by our upbringing, and indeed the upbringing of your parents. We all know the old adage ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’ however, when it comes to food, I’d venture that the real ‘spice’ comes from indulging in recipes past and the culinary delights of your ancestors.

Take this weekend for example. Whilst my brother was cooking an olive bread loaf to accompany a lasagne, I asked him where he'd found the recipe from- being a university student I knew that his culinary skills usually extended to pasta- so this was something really special. Continue reading "Cooking: Keep it in the Family" »

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