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Ramadan – the Muslim Month of Fasting Brings Families Together

Ramadan brings families together

As some of you may know, we are currently in the month of Ramadan. The 9th Month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar, Ramadan is a special month for Muslims throughout the world. It is a month that all physically able practicing Muslims are obliged to observe the daily fast. I know this, because I've been brought up observing the fast of Ramadan, and so know first hand what it's like to be fasting.

During the month of Ramadan, it is forbidden for Muslims to eat, drink, smoke, or make love with their spouses during daylight hours. It is also recommended that we observe our thoughts and attempt to avoid thinking bad things about anything or anyone, and try to only have good thoughts. It is indeed a challenging time.

Me and my family wake up each day, in the early hours of the morning (which in London started off as around 3am), to make sure we eat something before Sunrise begins. Then in the evening we try to break our fast together, as a family, gathering around the table around 8pm, waiting for the exact moment of Sunset, when the Maghrib, or Evening Prayer time begins.
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