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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving: A Family Celebration

Today marks Canadian Thanksgiving, a time for families to get together.

Did you know that Canadian Thanksgiving is widely recognized as the first celebration of its kind in North America?

Its history dates to 1578, when Englishman Martin Frobisher set out in search of the Northwest Passage, along the northern coast of North America.

On his third voyage to the bay area of Baffin Island (now the Canadian territory of Nunavut), the 15 ships were filled with men and materials to begin a small settlement.

Frobisher's journey was harrowing as the fleet traveled in bad weather and harsh storms. They lost a ship and most of the building materials. Making it through the storm and reuniting with the rest of the fleet, they gave thanks for a miraculous deliverance from the dangers. Continue reading "Happy Canadian Thanksgiving: A Family Celebration" »

22    Sep 20103 comments

Family Day – Public Holidays around the World that Celebrate the Family

I recently found out that there are a bunch of progressive Governments that have recognised the importance of family ties by declaring “Family Day” public holidays.

These Family Days take place in countries all over the world and are generally created to recognise the important role that family plays in modern society.

Below are some examples of Family Day public holidays that I've discovered:

If you’re in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the capital of Australia, you get a public holiday on the 1st Monday of the September/October school holidays. The good news if you’re reading this from the ACT is that you get next Monday off work! Though you probably already knew that… Continue reading "Family Day – Public Holidays around the World that Celebrate the Family" »

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