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Video: Building a Family Tree for Humanity!

Today we're posting a remarkable video from the clever people over at TED. TED is a a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing paradigm shifting content from inspirational speakers.

Spencer Wells, over this 20 minute talk, demonstrates how to extend genealogy far beyond the usual boundaries. In essence, the geneticist demonstrates how the earliest origins of human ancestry can be examined through the usage of DNA techniques. He has some truly fascinating conclusions:

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Happy World Population Day

Today is annual United Nations World Population Day.

In the next few months the world’s population will pass 7 Billion for the first time. (Here's a population clock to keep track)

This is an amazing 2 Billion new people since 1987 and a doubling of world population since 1968!

The world’s population first reached 1 Billion around 200 years ago.

To understand how much the world we live in has changed compared to the world of our ancestors at that time, you absolutely have to watch the below video produced by the BBC.

It’s less than 5 Minutes but is a magical look into the changes in standard of living across the world.
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21    Jun 20111 comment

The Changing Face of Australia

New information from Sensis, the publisher of the White Pages in Australia, has highlighted the increasing popularity of non-Anglo Saxon surnames in New South Wales (NSW), the most populous state of Australia.

And the change is not a small one.

The Daily Telegraph, one of the major daily newspapers in NSW, has reported that 7 of the top 20 surnames in NSW have Asian roots – a sign of the changing face of Australia.

Those surnames, Lee, Nguyen, Chen, Kim, Wang, Zhang and Li, will finally help the rest of the world understand what many Australians already know and love – the fact that Australia is no longer a white, Anglo-Saxon colony in the middle of the South Pacific.

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