11    Jan 20121 comment

Poll: How do you plan to pass down your family research?

Part of the beauty associated with family history research is that the researcher can always share findings with loved ones. Wouldn't it be a shame for that research to be lost to the generations?

Regardless of your age, I believe that we should all make some attempt to inform others about our research or, indeed, provide some guidance as to the order and direction of your general research. Speaking as head researcher for my family, I have spoken in some depth with my siblings about where my research is stored and how they can access the Sanderson MyHeritage tree.

So, now that I've given you some insight into my preparations, how do you plan to pass down your family research.

Let us know in the poll below and the comments section.

30    Dec 20110 comments

New Year’s Eve: How do you celebrate?

It's that time again.

Just as we've finished with the excesses of a very recent celebration, it's on to celebrate a night which represents a new start - and promise for the New Year- or at least that's what we're meant to say.

Let us know below about your plans with family for New Year's Eve. We'd also love to hear some comments from those who aren't thrilled by the holiday!

20    Oct 20111 comment

Poll: Do you cite your sources?

For many researchers, citations are more than good practice.

Ensuring that facts and resources are properly cited is an essential part of their research, providing both piece of mind and allowing for future verification.

Essentially, citations prove exactly where we have obtained a certain piece of information (such as a document, story, birth record or photo). Serious researchers believe that the fact citation process legitimises a body of research.

For others though, it can often be seen as an unnecessary step. Personally, I try my best to ensure that my facts, stories and photos are cited. Given that my tree now exceeds 700 people, it can be quite the chore! Had I begun citing earlier on in my research, then I would have saved myself a lot of time spent in tedious backtracking to document the sources.

You live and learn.

Do you cite your sources? If so, how rigorous are you? Please let us know in today's poll. Next week, we'll post the results on our blog along with some handy tips for citing sources on both Family Tree Builder and Family Sites.

7    Oct 201113 comments

Poll: Preserving Family Documents

As an introduction to an article we will be publishing about storing and archiving documents on a budget; we thought we would ask the MyHeritage community about the lengths they go to in securing their own pieces of history.

Please let us know by voting below, or leaving a comment.

16    Sep 20113 comments

Poll: How many hours do you spend researching per week?

We all have various ways of organising our time when it comes family history research. Whether you're an amateur, or indeed a professional genealogist, it's often easy to be consumed by one or two 'branches' of your family story.

The aim of this week's poll is to discover just how engrossed we are in our research on a weekly basis. Let the voting commence...

23    Aug 20112 comments

Poll: Family Heirlooms

Today's poll is about the things we treasure and are entrusted with by our ancestors.

Family heirlooms hold important values for all of us, whether it is a box of old black-and-white photographs or a priceless dinner service.  We recognise the value of these possessions in preserving our individual family histories.

Let us know about your family's current heirloom status:

4    Feb 20112 comments

Poll: How Long Have You Been Doing Genealogy For?

This week's poll asks how long you've been doing this hobby for. Are you a relative newcomer, or a seasoned veteran of the genealogy world? Let us know below.

3    Aug 20100 comments

Poll: In Which Continents do you Have Relatives or Ancestors?

Some of us have ancestors only from nearby, and others have family roots further afield. How many continents does your tree encompass?

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