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Happy Mother’s Day: The Poetry Contest

Once a year we pay attention to the moms of this world, motherhood and maternal bonds and this time we want to mark the day with something special; A poetry contest! It is a special day that has been celebrated for hundreds of years, illustrating how many people feel that motherhood is something to honored.  As a child I once asked my mother why we didn't have a children's day and she replied 'every day is children's day', and so it is.

Happy Mother's Day!

Even if the Mother's day isn't celebrated on the same day everywhere, the idea is the same across the world: mothers deserve special attention once in a while. As expected practices of mother day differ around the world. In Mexico, for example, the mother is treated to a song sung by her family, or a serenade by a hired band,  in Ethiopia, mothers day is a three day festival where everyone returns to their villages for family meal, while in Sweden attention is paid to poor mothers and their children through way of the the Swedish Red Cross sells selling small plastic flowers and  the United Kingdom. It is customary to serve Simnel Cake, a glazed fruitcake inspired by a folk tale.

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