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The Geneacast

Genealogy; a voice to be heard

Today's market is saturated with information. Pop open your browser, scroll through your RSS feed, push your daily candy to your handheld, wade through a Facebook feed, scan your Tweetdeck, check your MyHeritage Smartmatches; it doesn't take much more than the warm embrace of a fingertip to a rifle through millions of bytes of information.

Newsreels turned into e-publications, user commentary became one among many expressions of the blog, books are now Ebooks, film morphed to Blueray and is now beaming across web streams, and the CD has been revamped into hundreds of different audio formats.

It's hard to keep up with the erupting hardware market, advances often leading to the availability of more media types, at least until the market determines one of these formats to be an ideal form of consumption. To that regard, media giants and tech industry leaders are racing to calculate how, when, and where users will consume their information in the future. Apple, with the introduction of ITunes, played its hand right. ITunes was introduced in 2001 and now holds an 80% market share of digital music. This market outstrips traditional form of the media and has lead to the popularization of a few media types, the MP3 and its derivations, and the Podcast.

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