11    Oct 20100 comments

PeopleFinders.com Taps into the Family History Trend

In a signal that genealogy is becoming a growing presence in the community, People Finders – the “web’s premier source for finding public records online” has now decided to start focusing on helping people with genealogy searches.

The site, which started off as a criminal record  and background checking website for employers has changes its focus over the years to become  “the most trusted and reliable website for locating family, friends, classmates, old flames and military buddies – we can help you find anyone, anywhere.”

Now, with the amazing growth in interest in Family History, the site is telling the worldwide media it “has an exciting idea to help people fill in the blanks of their family history. One of the best resources for unearthing their roots is also among the most neglected; people who already have a wealth of knowledge."

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