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The World’s Oldest Man

The World's Oldest Man, David Pur
The World's Oldest Man, David Pur

He has smoked for 110 years, buried six of his nine children, accomplished more than a century of Torah studies, and he has 56 great grandchildren. David Pur, at 115 years old, is being visited by an entourage from the Guinness Book of World Records to be verified as the oldest person in the world.

Mr. Pur has lived through much of modern history. Born in 1895 in Iran, what was then Persia, under Mahommad Ali Shah Qajar, he watched the Qajar dynasty crumble with the building tensions of WWI and the subsequent overthrow by coup d'état. Pur's interest in the political minutia of his country led him to become an advisor to the Shah, where he was revered for his mastery of languages including Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, French and later Tagalog.
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