24    Nov 201310 comments

Nicknames: Family history research tips

Ever faced an obstacle in your family research as you look for an ancestors’ name?

When viewing census records, for example, it’s not uncommon to find a relative listed with their formal birth name in one record, and then listed under a nickname in another.

Nicknames are usually familiar or humorous and used as an appropriate replacement or addition to a given name. They can be a form of endearment, refer to a personal character trait or just be a shortened version.

When you stumble upon these new listings, you might think your family research has hit a brick wall. Searching for records can be difficult if you don’t have all the information, but don’t despair, here are some tips below to help in your family history research. Continue reading "Nicknames: Family history research tips" »

13    Mar 20125 comments

What’s in a Name: Nicknames and genealogy

How often have you found a letter or reference to a family member with a name you don’t recognize?

We often call loved ones with variants of their names, commonly known as “nicknames’.” There are certain names usually shortened (James – Jim, Sally – Sal) but often, especially within families and groups of friends, nicknames are terms of endearment (hopefully!).

Have you come across a nickname in your family history research? What should you do and how should you record it? Continue reading "What’s in a Name: Nicknames and genealogy" »

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