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Happy New Year! in MyHeritage’s 38 languages

The New Year is nearly here! MyHeritage is now fully available in 38 languages, so we thought it would be nice to wish all of you - from whichever corner of the globe you hail from - a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. So here we go...

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New Year celebrations across Asia

New Year in ChinaAlmost everyone around the world started the New Year, although not all countries celebrate at the same date or the same way, especially in Asia.

Until I came to the UK from Beijing, I always celebrated the New Year in late January or sometimes in February, depending on the day indicated by the Lunar Calendar. Chinese New Year is more like a Western Christmas, when you get together with your family and share a meal. Celebrations continue with fireworks, just like all around the world.
The biggest difference with other countries may be that on New Year's day, when most people are nursing hangovers, in China families visit relatives, exchange presents and continue the celebrations.

Despite some differences from country to country, in Asia there's a common theme that appears to be the most important thing, which is celebrating with family and friends.
Across Asia there are very similar ways of celebrating the New Year. In Japan for instance,
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