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Family: Sharing family meals?

Is it best for families to eat together? We've always read that it's best for parents and children to share at least the evening meal together and discuss the day's happenings.

However, today that sometimes seems difficult with everyone's busy schedules. Do you think that such social meals make a difference for children’s achievements and behavior?

Researchers at Boston University’s College of Arts & Science have discovered that the benefits may not be as strong as we once thought. A new study co-authored by Boston University School of Social Work Assistant Professor Daniel P. Miller reveals:

Despite popular wisdom and findings from much previous research that suggests the beneficial impact of family mealtime, a rigorous analysis of 21,400 children, ages five to 15, brings a new argument to the table: When researchers controlled for a host of confounding factors, they didn’t find any relationship between family meals and child academic outcomes or behavior.

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