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Family: Stepfamily Day is September 16

National Stepfamily Day is celebrated on September 16. Dedicated to the stepfamily, it is a day to honor all the "Step-Heroes" out there who choose - every day - to be parents to all the children in their lives.

The day was founded by Christy Borgeld in 1997.

Stepfamilies are all around us. One in three Americans live in a stepfamily, and more than 50% of Americans will live in a stepfamily at some point in their lives, while some 30% of children grow up in stepfamilies. Another frequently-used term is "blended" families.

According to Bray & Kelly in a 1998 study, it may take at least four years or more for a step-parent to build a relationship with a step-child.

"Parenting differences" is the top reason cited by remarried couples who divorce due to the marriage's failure. Parenting agreements are crucial for a successful stepfamily.

Are you part of a step-family, or do you have a stepfamily? Share your comments below.

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