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News from MyHeritage UK – 30 August 2011

The National Archives release more Security Service files...

This week the National Archives bolstered its current MI5 records collection by 171 records, bringing the total number of files available to approximately 5000. Spanning both the Second World War and post-war eras, there’s plenty of material to get your teeth into. Many of the files are available online at nationalarchives.gov.uk however; here are some of the most interesting additions...

Antonia Hunt (ALIAS) Tonia Lyon-Smith:- At the age of 15 Antonia was trapped in France by the German invasion on 1940. Instead of being sent to a concentration camp though, she was enlisted as an office girl by a Gestapo office in Paris. Prior to this, she was arrested by the very same Gestapo officers for a letter she had written on behalf of the resistance. In an amazing twist, the time spent at the office was overshadowed by the infatuations of a German officer named Karl Gagel. He even attempted to make contact with Antonia following her return to Britain! Continue reading "News from MyHeritage UK – 30 August 2011" »

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