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Interview with Benicio Sánchez, Genealogist and President of Genealogy of Mexico

This is a rough translation of Entrevista a Benicio Sánchez, Genealogista y Presidente de Genealogía de México written by our Latin American country manager, Javier.

This Friday we have a treat for you -- a special interview with Benicio Sanchez, genealogist and President of Genealogy of Mexico, an organization that studies the family history of not only the Aztec country but also many other places around the world.

My name is Benicio Samuel Sanchez Garcia, genealogist and family historian and the first Molecular Genealogist of Mexico. I was born in Torreon, Mexico in 1963. I am married with two children.

I'm President of The Genealogy of Mexico, which manages two major genealogical sites in Mexico:

- www.Genealogia.org.mx

- www.GenealogiaMolecular.com (in development)

I have worked for most of the State Archives and have contributed to more than one hundred articles and publications, for both national and international institutions.

How did your interest in genealogy start?

You never know you are ill until the infection is already manifesting itself significantly. That's what happened in my case. I read the family bible, in which I found the first dates of my family; later my maternal grandmother, Maria Espino del Castillo Epitacia showed me her photo archive and before I knew it, I was designated to preserve and research our family's genealogy.

Now, like all genealogists: it's a way of life.

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