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Making History: Pupils find famous ancestors

We recently posted about MyHeritage’s involvement in the Making History UK schools pilot project.

We now have exciting news to share about famous ancestors and interesting historical connections that the pupils have discovered including:

-- A family connection to Samuel Morse (of Morse Code fame).
-- A relative who was in the Titanic's orchestra when it sank.
-- An ancestor who fought at Trafalgar and died on the same day as Nelson.
-- A family connection to Dame Peggy Ashcroft.
-- A grandfather in an Asian POW camp.
-- A great-grandfather who was a daredevil stuntman who dived into blazing tanks of water and worked once with Evil Knieval.
-- A great-grandfather who was a Hussar in WW1.

The pilot project included a number of sponsors and partners, including MyHeritage, who helped pupils trace their ancestors and also provided the platform on which pupils could input and print out their family trees. The students said that they loved using MyHeritage Family Sites and commented on how easy it was to use.

Miriam Margolyes with project students.

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