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What Do You Do With Old Family History Magazines?

A little while ago, one of our Twitter followers, @kinfolknews, asked the following questions:

What do you do with "old" #genealogy magazines? I was going to throw mine away... got a better idea?

I thought this was a really good question so pushed it out to the MyHeritage Twitter feed to see what answers you had for @kinfolknews's question.

 Almost immediately we had two responses

@quentaris said "Donate to family history groups"

@dgdillman said "Recycle, at the very least. Donate to a historical or genealogy society preferably."

Both noble ideas and very valid suggestions.

On top of that, while at the Sydney History and genealogy Expo recently, I saw old magazines being sold for 40c each - so in the process of recycling you might even be able to set up a little stall and make some of your money back.

Do you have old family history magazines and, if so, what do you do with them?


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