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19 Jokes All Genealogists Will Appreciate

Genealogists take family history research very seriously. However, we all still love good genealogy humor.

We hope you can take a break — from searching for your great-great-great-grandmother — to check out our favorite genealogy jokes. They're sure to make genealogists and non-genealogists alike chuckle.

  1. "My ancestors are so hard to find, they must have been in a witness protection program!" Continue reading "19 Jokes All Genealogists Will Appreciate" »
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MyHeritage: Holiday competition!

Many of our most special memories come from spending time with our families over the holidays.

We remember the dinners, gifts, songs and jokes we shared. Wonderful testimonials to these unique moments are the photos we will treasure for ever.

For this year's holiday competition, we're asking readers to share their holiday memories for a chance to win a brand new digital camera!

All you need to do is share your favorite holiday memory either in a comment below or - if a photo - email it to stories@myheritage.com by January 2, 2013. We'll announce the lucky winner on January 3.

Happy Holidays!

The MyHeritage team

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Family: Do you have your own dialect?

According to Teri Harman, author of the article "Does your family have their own dialect?", families tend to have their own unique way of speaking to each other.

Ranging from made-up words to accents, family communication is something developed by and used by families. Other manifestations are nicknames, quotes or private jokes.

Coming into any family, whether as a close family friend or in-law, requires diligent study to keep up with the conversation and understand the private references.

Only when you understand what's flying around the dinner table, are you considered a full member of the inner circle.

What it boils down to is that the family unit tends to be a close-knit social group, and like any other social group, it adopts its own rites and customs, and "how to speak'" is one of them.

These nicknames and private jokes are unique, special and often bizarre. However, they are an essential part of what makes a family a family.

Does your family have its own family "dialect"? What family nicknames do you have? Do you use different words? Did your secret language pass through the generations? Let us know in the comments below.

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