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Thanksgiving Day: Giving thanks

In our second special post for Thanksgiving Day we discuss what we’re thankful for at this holiday.

Our MyHeritage team wants to know what you – our readers – are thankful for at this time of year.

Families appreciate their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Is there a special person who has made a difference in your life? Tell us about him or her in the comments below.

Genealogists appreciate all those resources that provide solid-gold nuggets of data that help to break through our brick wall problems. What new resources have provided you with interesting discoveries this year?

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  Participate in our survey below:

More than 350 readers responded to last week's "What's on your Thanksgiving table?" survey. The top table choices were turkey (20%), stuffing/dressing (16%), sweet potatoes/yams (16%) and pumpkin pie (14.5%). Also interesting were results of the "other" category:  Corn pudding/casserole, string beans, cranberry sauce (of course!), tofurkey (turkey made from tofu), crescent rolls, apple pie, pecan pie, oyster dressing and collard greens. The best reply:

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Thanksgiving Special: What’s on your table?

Thanksgiving Day is only a few weeks away and Americans are planning how to celebrate this important family holiday.

MyHeritage is also preparing holiday-related posts - and some surprises - so stay tuned during November.

A national holiday, Thanksgiving is observed in the United States - and worldwide wherever North American expats reside - on the fourth Thursday of November.

Every immigrant group to the US has also adopted the special day, which crosses all ethnic and religious lines.

"Turkey day" is a universal and delicious event, while the four-day holiday weekend also features football (not soccer!) games, major shopping days and great sales.

Thanksgiving Day's centerpiece is the lovingly-prepared feast on our tables, which we share with family and friends. People begin to plan holiday menus very early. Therefore, we  invite the MyHeritage community to participate in our poll below:

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Halloween: Family photo winners

We love running competitions at MyHeritage, and Halloween provided an excellent opportunity to see what our community created.

It's a chance for us to see how creative our community can be and -  in the case of this week's competition - be privy to some hilarious family Halloween photos. Ghoulish, disturbing, confusing and downright terrifying - you name it, we've seen them all! See the slide show here:

We know everyone wanted to be one of the lucky three - who will now enjoy excellent features including enhanced Smart Matches™ and Timeline features.

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Families and Summer: Then and Now

Although the summer is now coming to an abrupt end, it’s nice to reminisce about summers spent with our families throughout the years. We all have fond memories, but those that tend to evoke the most vivid recollection are usually set in summer. And this should come as no surprise really, given that even a glimmer of sunshine is excuse enough to don sunglasses, flip-flops and shorts - we’re mad about the summer and even more determined when it comes to the summer holidays with the family.

For example, I remember being pushed around the back garden of my family home in what could only be described as a mini plastic police car. My sister, then eight and myself five years old, insisted that whilst the family barbecue was heating up we would explore the garden in the searing summer heat. That very day was my initiation into the wonderful world of sunburn. Continue reading "Families and Summer: Then and Now" »

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Thanksgiving , a Timeless Treat

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East Coast Turkey

Thanksgiving is a day thick with plenty. The penultimate November Thursday marries history, tradition, and myth in commemorative indulgence. Its goals are less commercial and Puritan-stiff than many a holiday, and it thumps with seasonal and human spirit.

The history of the day of thanks trickles down from early American settlers. It was to be a day of rest from battle with Native Americans, and the gruesome winter, which took the lives of nearly half of the early pilgrims. The first account of Thanksgiving dates to 1623, chronicled in Eliot's New-England History, and tells of Governor Bradford who "sent out a company for game [turkey which was of plenty in the are]...and abundant materials for a feast...and they feasted Massasoit and ninety of his Indians, and they thanked God for the good and the good things in it. So they kept their first Thanksgiving."
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