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Poll: Does luck – good or bad – run in your family?

Can luck, or good fortune, be inherited?

Earlier this year we wrote about a lucky lottery story, from 2011, that focused on the McCauley family. Kimberly was delighted when she won $100,000 in North Carolina in a new scratcher game because she'd never imagined ever winning a prize.

She'd always assumed the odds were against her, as her mother had already won big prizes in two other lotteries!

Then there are those of us who have the opposite, tragic experiences that plague our families.

To return to our opening question, do you think luck - good or bad - runs in your family?

Share your answer in the poll below, and leave examples in the comments section.

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Lucky Foods: Good fortune for the family

Here at MyHeritage HQ, we’ve always been big fans of the way that food brings families together.

We’ve written about it once or twice on our blog. And every family site on MyHeritage.com also includes a recipe page so families can share their traditions.  (CLICK HERE to learn how to access your recipe page)

However, we’ve never really looked into what families and cultures believe to be “lucky foods,” those that bring luck or fortune to those who eat them.

A few weeks ago, the ABC in the US published a great post showing some lucky foods consumed on New Year’s Day by various cultures around the world to make sure the year ahead is a good one.

The foods include Black-Eyed Peas in the American south, which either look like coins or “grow” when cooked like your fortune will (depending on which tradition you believe); Long Noodles, thought to bring long life in many Asian countries; and Cooked Greens, which resemble money and are thought to bring good fortune in Germany.

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