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Success Story: Meredith Sellers

Family chart display

Abraham's and Shifra's family chart display

When our MyHeritage team attended the recent Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) conference in Springfield, Illinois, we met Meredith Sellers of Champaign, Illinois.

Meredith is married, in her 20s and is a genealogy and Family History Center consultant. She had a nice chat with our Chief Genealogist Daniel Horowitz about her personal research success story and the family reunion she organized. Here is her story:

Meredith's experience with MyHeritage and charts

Meredith had read about MyHeritage on various genealogy blogs long before her family reunion, and while she had quickly and easily uploaded a GEDCOM file of her family tree, she had not explored the printing functionality at MyHeritage.

"As I brainstormed the best way to display over 300 family members in an easily understandable graphic format, I discovered MyHeritage's descendant fan chart," says Meredith.

She discovered that the chart-making interface synched directly with her existing GEDCOM data which allowed her to directly import names and dates. She was also able to change various aspects, such as background color, graphics and ornamental frame.

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News from MyHeritage Australia – 11 August 2011

It's been a huge week in Australian genealogy as the once-every-5-years census was distributed and completed on Tuesday night.

The key thing for the genealogy community was spreading the word about the importance of saying "yes" to Question 60 on the census, which asked Australians if they'd like their physical census records to be retained in the national archives for 99 years.

For the uninitiated, Australia has a default position of destroying census records once the statistical data is removed, which is something the genealogy community as a whole has been trying to change.

To read more about the background to this you should read the recent blog post we ran on the topic.

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Poll: How Do You Backup Your Family Tree?

This week's poll is about how we protect the precious data in our family trees. Let us know how you go about backing up your data - that is, of course, if you have an approach!

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Building your family tree? It could save your life.

A comprehensive family tree can ‘trump’ genetic testing for hereditary disease, say researchers.

Compiling or preparing an accurate family medical history appears to be of immense value in predicting family health risks, say researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.... And there I was, mocking my granny for believing in such piffle and pseudoscience.

In the study, detailed family histories were taken of 44 individuals, nine of whom had a family history of colon cancer. Quite astonishingly, a genetic swab test deemed all nine participants were low-risk, although further tests showed that five of the nine carried a gene mutation linked to the cancer.

I’m sure we all have a vague idea of our own family risk factors, but perhaps investing some time to compile a comprehensive record may be a worthwhile move. Obviously, it is best to span more than a couple of generations, which may be time-consuming but think of the benefits!

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Amy Winehouse’s Family Tree: a Humble Heritage

Two weeks ago the world was moved by the tragic death of Amy Winehouse, one of the best English singing talents ever. Many fans paid their respects, including singer George Michael who deemed her "the most soulful vocalist England has ever seen."

Amy Winehouse's family tree

Click on the image to see the tree

Many cried at what was clearly an early departure for such a young artist and the mourning, for many, still continues. At MyHeritage we have decided to pay tribute to Amy by doing what we do best and present her family history for posterity…

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Amazing Family Tree Designs

While MyHeritage is focused on giving as many people as possible simple, yet powerful, ways to record their family history, I think it’s safe to say that we couldn’t possibly come up with individual designs for all 15 Million family trees that make up the MyHeritage community.

For those who want something a little more unique, there are now a range of companies that provide wonderfully creative family tree art to help you show-off your hard work to any family or friends that pay you a visit.

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THE SIMPSONS & yes, they have a MyHeritage Tree

Simpson's Color Me Yellow

Eliza and Mabel

First, I should point out the Simpsons very own Family Tree:

In the 21st season of The Simpsons, Lisa finds out a bit more about her ancestry in the episode The Color Yellow. A family tree class project is inspired by a tree stump that comes crashing into Principal Skinner's Kia sedan, an event Bart exclaims as a 'mykia' moment. Lisa embodies the project as moment to embrace her noble heritage. But, all signs begin to lead another direction as her early foraging reveals only the troubled and derelict nature of her family. Homer, Lisa's father , attempts to dissuade her her vain attempts to find something wholesome in the Simpson tree, exclaiming the family to be nothing but a "long line of horse thieves, deadbeats, horsebeats, dead thieves, and even a few….alllllcccoholics," as he guzzles his beer with fat peacock like panache.
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