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Sons and Daughters Day: Five tips to make the most of it

As you delve further into your family history you will undoubtedly invest many hours into the pursuit. Whether that is painstakingly searching census records, gathering information from older relatives or, indeed, networking with others online, it is easy to become protective of your family tree and records. Why keep it all to yourself though? It’s easy to get your kids involved without letting them loose on your hard work.

The most beautiful and probably one of the most important aspects of tracking your family history, is the ability to share it with the young people in your life. That way, you can get them excited about their heritage and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a protégé to take the genealogical reigns in later life. So, why not make the most of Sons and Daughters Day and try a couple of MyHeritage's top tips with your offspring?

1. Let your kids use their mobile phones for something other than texting...

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