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The MyHeritage Holiday Cookbook: Recipes and stories from around the globe

The holiday season is upon us, and that means lots of food, fun and family!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got a great gift to share - our First Holiday Cookbook

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13    Nov 20144 comments

Holiday Cookbook Contest: Send us your recipes!

Did your grandmother make the best turkey stuffing? Was it your aunt’s minced pies that had you drooling at the Christmas table?

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we’re bringing together two great traditions - food and family - for an exciting holiday competition!

We want you to send us your family's favorite holiday recipes and the stories behind them. Is it a dish passed down from an ancestor, or one made last year for the first time? A unique dish to your family or a traditional one? Why do you love that recipe and what's the story behind it?

One lucky winner - with the best recipe and family story - will have the chance to have a personal chef prepare a delicious meal for you and your family at your home. We'll collect a selection of our favorite submitted family recipes and prepare a special international holiday cookbook with recipes and stories from around the globe.

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Cooking: Keep it in the Family

Cooking has always been a family affair and one activity that your immediate family (should) always help out with. We may think that our seemingly weekly menu rotation is due to laziness however, those choices are likely to be heavily influenced by our upbringing, and indeed the upbringing of your parents. We all know the old adage ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’ however, when it comes to food, I’d venture that the real ‘spice’ comes from indulging in recipes past and the culinary delights of your ancestors.

Take this weekend for example. Whilst my brother was cooking an olive bread loaf to accompany a lasagne, I asked him where he'd found the recipe from- being a university student I knew that his culinary skills usually extended to pasta- so this was something really special. Continue reading "Cooking: Keep it in the Family" »

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Sons and Daughters Day: Five tips to make the most of it

As you delve further into your family history you will undoubtedly invest many hours into the pursuit. Whether that is painstakingly searching census records, gathering information from older relatives or, indeed, networking with others online, it is easy to become protective of your family tree and records. Why keep it all to yourself though? It’s easy to get your kids involved without letting them loose on your hard work.

The most beautiful and probably one of the most important aspects of tracking your family history, is the ability to share it with the young people in your life. That way, you can get them excited about their heritage and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a protégé to take the genealogical reigns in later life. So, why not make the most of Sons and Daughters Day and try a couple of MyHeritage's top tips with your offspring?

1. Let your kids use their mobile phones for something other than texting...

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Journey Back in Time: Edible Traditions

Photo Credit: Flavors, http://flavors.ameseats.com

In this week's Journey Back in Time we're spotlighting edible traditions. Food has long been a family affair, with some recipes passed down for over four generations! And while many family recipes are kept a secret, we were hoping to find a few members out there willing to share their delicious dishes with the MyHeritage.com community.

Have an Irish grandma? Then maybe she made you shepherd's pie or cabbage and ham for St. Patricks's Day. We would love to hear your modern spins on your family's old Irish recipes!

Have an Italian grandma? Then you might have talked a lot about food growing up! Depending on the region of your family, she might have made you homemade pasta - fettucine, cappelini and pappardelli or Suppli (fried rice balls) - 'white' mixed with cheese, saffron, nutmeg, or 'red' with bolognese.

Have a German grandma? Maybe you grew up eating homemade Bratwurst with potatoes and SauerKraut.

Have a Mexican grandma? Maybe you and your family gathered around the kitchen to watch her make Puebla-style chicken in mole poblano.

It's so nice to know edible traditions are being carried on through the generations. Will you share yours in the comments?

Happy Friday!

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